The uniqueness of our solution?

To empower human translators, eBhasha provides a web based Computer Aided Translation (CAT) platform for Indian languages, named Transzaar. We are offering now English–Hindi, Hindi–Urdu and Hindi–Punjabi. And we plan to enhance three language pairs every six months. Hindi-Telugu, Hindi-Tamil, and Hindi-Kannada are planned next. We are the first company to provide a comprehensive CAT tool for Indian languages. To enhance source content comprehension, Transzaar provides mechanism to get outputs from more than one MT systems of users choice, and then user can choose more suitable MT output to work on. Transzaar provision to get MT outputs from multiple systems available in the market.

In addition, eBhasha has its own Machine Translation (MT) systems – Sampark MT system for translation among Indian languages; and Anusaarak MT system for English to Hindi. Both these MT systems are ingeniously developed by Indian research community. These MT systems are being further improved (in terms of accuracy, fluency and lexical resources) under various ‘Make in India’ initiatives. These MT/NLP systems are built on Computational Paninian Grammar (CPG) approach. As they are indigenously developed, these systems can be easily customized for specific user requirements and application domains.

Transzaar provides AI-powered NLP tools for pre-processing source text, to identify Named Entities, Multi-Word-expressions, task-specific terms, these can leverage MT to provide higher accuracy. Transzaar also supports factory mode production, customized translation work-flow.

Our paper ‘Transzaar: Empower Human Translators’ has been presented on 3rd July 2018 for 18th International Conference on Computational Sciences and its Applications ICCSA 2018, Melbourne, Australia.