About the problem we are solving?

An Initiative to Overcome Content Translation Impediments from one language to another. Content Translation is an intensely Human Centric Activity that needs very high Cognitive Effort, depleting the Productivity of Translator considerably. This makes Content Translation a Costly affair requiring a large Turn around Time, the two major limitations of Human Translation Process. In spite of extreme shortage of Information and Technical Contents in Indic languages these dual limitations have restrained the growth of Indic Language Translation Market, and choked the growth of Translation Professionals in India as well. With long history of Natural Language Processing (NLP) research, and heavy business investment, it has been realized that, for language content, no Machine Translation (MT) can ever generate Publishable Quality Content that has both, the Semantic Accuracy and the Fluency of the Target Language.

Further, due to complex nature of translation activity, productivity of good quality human translator is usually very low. Translation activity is composed of three categories of tasks.

Mechanical tasks: where a translator spends significant amount of his time in word processing/editing, search and lookup of lexical resources like dictionaries, thesaurus, language corpora, concordance, etc.

Repetitive Tasks: where a translator, for repetitive occurrences of a word, phrase, or sentence, has to repeatedly perform similar tasks several times. This repetition should be uniform, so that it ensures consistent translation.

Cognitive Tasks: where a translator, first comprehends the source content, then translates the content assuring its semantic accuracy, and provides fluency of target language which may require clause reordering, or changing narration, voice(active/passive) etc.

Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools available for European languages do provide primitives for covering mechanical and repetitive tasks to various degrees. To facilitate cognitive task, they mostly leverage on third party MT System. Presently, there is no CAT tool available for comprehensive Indic languages and we are filling this void.