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We provide platform based translation technology and solutions for digital & audio-visual informational content in Indian languages deliverable on any digital platform.



Turn Around Time

We offer an Assured Translation Turnaround Time.

Low pricing

Low Pricing

We provide a Scalable solution for today’s Massive Translation Needs at a considerably Lower Cost.



We provide publishable quality content via Translation Platform with Fluency & Accuracy at par with human translation.

About Us

Our startup ‘eBhasha Setu’ has created a Translation Platform that leverages Machine Translation Technology, complemented by language corpora and word processing tools to enable an editor to generate “publishable quality content” with minimal effort & better Turnaround Time. We provide translation as a service for all the major Indian languages, namely, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil. Our service offering is a combination of advanced language engineering technology and human translation which delivers the most fluent and accurate content.

Our team comprises of translators, linguists, language experts and software engineers with the necessary skills to address all your communication needs.

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