eBhasha Setu is a Language Technology start-up based out of Hyderabad. We provide translation as a service for all the major Indian languages, namely, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil. Our service offering which we call “Technology Assisted Human Translation”, combines the advanced language engineering technology with the naturalness of human translation to deliver content that is most fluent and accurate while delivering a better turn around time.

Technology Assisted Human Translation (TAHT) is made possible with our revolutionary Translation Work Bench (TWB) which is based on Machine Translation (MT) technology that is backed by almost 20 years of research by premier institutes of India. The Translation Work Bench streamlines the translation process while providing the translators, linguists and proofreaders all the necessary Language and Linguistic tools (translation memories, dictionaries, thesauruses, customization rules/corpora, glossaries, domain specific resources/terminologies etc.) to seamlessly deliver high quality translations.

Our team comprises of translators, linguists, language experts and software engineers with the necessary skills to address all your communication needs. We also have access to freelance language experts and linguists which provide us the resourcefulness and flexibility to address any specific requirements that you may have…when you have it.


We aim to be the customer service leader in the Indian language translation services industry.


Our vision is to open the Internet out to the common man in India via providing content in local Indian languages


To provide platform based translation technology and solutions for digital and audio-visual informational content in Indian languages deliverable on any digital platform.