eBhasha Setu Language Services Pvt Ltd resolves to keep the confidentiality of customer’s data highly secured at all times. eBhasha Setu Language Services Pvt Ltd and its affiliates shall have access to the personal and private information of the customer entirely for the reasons specified hereunder: Why eBhasha needs customer’s personal information:

eBhasha collects personal information from customer in order to create quotations and invoices for translation, transcription, subtitling or any other services it offers through its website.

Security of personal data and its redistribution to any external party:
Personal data shared by the customer shall be used only to:

1- Discuss in respect of your project required for translation for the purpose of quotation.

2- Agree upon the completion time of the project.

3- To communicate between translator, reviewer and customers to highlight the necessary actions needed during the translation process.

What kind of Information eBhasha shall collect from the customer:

1- Full name of the customer, email id, mobile number, landline number, delivery or billing address etc…

2- Company name, copy of VAT certificate (if needed), copy of Company Trade License (if needed), copy of Identification document of the customer (if needed)

3- Customer’s documents or project files required to be translated for quotation and invoicing purposes.

Customer’s files database security :

eBhasha shall keep the database of its customers source and target files only to facilitate them in the event they have lost these files. However, such data shall be stored for certain period. However, if any customer wants eBhasha to immediate erase their database in our record, they can notify eBhasha frontline coordinator through email and an urgent action shall be taken to implement the same. Alternatively, eBhasha is prepared to sign any kind of non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement as per the customer requirements.